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Monday, 17 October 2011 10:14

Paddington Reservoir

17th October 2011

So I was talking with Philip Adams in Adelaide the other day, where cities and urban thinking are all the rage. And Jeff Shumaker, Deputy Chief Urban Designer for the City of NY was there also, in Philip’s little upstairs makeshift studio in the old library building. Shumaker, you probably know, is one of the minds behind New York’s High Line Park, which converted an old elevated rail line into a linear garden. Shumaker’d been to Sydney, briefly – and the thing that impressed him most wasn’t the Opera House or the Bridge, but the hanging gardens of the Paddington Reservoir, by TZG's Tim Greer (an NZer, natch).


I’ve always loved Paddington Reservoir – how it's open to the street but still quite secret, the Scarpa-esque elegance with which it combines new and old, the sense of veiled serenity. It's one of the many fine achievements of Clover Moore's mayoral administration. So when Shumaker started lauding it I was inspired to go back for another look ….and yes, it's still good. ( link to original SMH crit )

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