Tuesday 24th of April 2018
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Dr Elizabeth Farrelly is a Sydney-based columnist and author who trained in architecture and philosophy, practiced in London and Bristol and holds PhD in architecture from the University of Sydney, where she is also Adjunct Associate Professor. A member of the Integrated Design Advisory Board of South Australia, she has acted as Assistant Editor of the Architectural Review in London, independent City Councilor in Sydney, member of the Central Sydney Planning Committee and inaugural chair of the Australia Award for Urban Design. She now runs a full time writing and consultancy practice.

Elizabeth holds a number of national and international writing awards including the Paris-based CICA award for architectural criticism (1992), the Pascal Prize, the Marion Mahony Award and the Adrian Ashton Award. Her books include Three Houses, a monograph on 2003 Pritzker prizewinner Glenn Murcutt (Phaidon, London 1993) and Blubberland; the dangers of happiness (New South 2007 and MIT Press, 2008), which is currently being translated into Korean. Her current book is House; a psychogeography of home

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