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Since mid-2020 the city part of my life has been based in Strathfield. It is a beautiful, leafy, incredibly diverse community with a very high proportion of people whose parents were born outside Australia and a very very high level of education. This makes it endlessly interesting. But its streets and public spaces, its services and its environment are under the same neo-Liberal threat – greed, exploitation, despoliation – as the rest of Sydney. This is why I have decided to stand as an Independent in the forthcoming by-election.

Governments have lost their way.  They have forgotten that they are meant to work for the common good. The major parties presume it’s business as usual but, if that means more of the same, then it’s time for a change.

The first big change we need is honest, accountable, clean government; government in the public interest. If this is the kind of change you want, vote for me.

I am running as an INDEPENDENT for the seat of Strathfield.  This means I won’t be listening to party bosses, vested interest or big money – I will be listening to YOU.

For fifteen years I have watched the city I love ravaged by shonky development and greedy government. Every year, more public assets are sold off, public parks whittled away and majestic trees cut down for more motorways and skyscrapers thrown up without local services or amenities.

People in Strathfield are living with noise and pollution from the motorways, ugly overdevelopment, destruction of heritage, the privatisation of public space and apartment buildings that don’t allow rubbish trucks. According to the NSW Building Commissioner, forty percent of recent strata-buildings in Sydney have major defects. It was Labor who introduced the private certification that enabled developers to produce dangerous buildings, and successive Liberal governments have further deregulated an industry already out-of-control.

If elected, I will demand a Royal Commission into the Property Development Industry. I will oppose overdevelopment and the noise and pollution of destructive major roads. I will strive to make climate a central concern. I will always focus on the needs of people in Strathfield.